[USML Announce] Riptorns RIP

Richard E. Robbins RERobbins at iTinker.net
Tue Dec 2 20:20:45 EST 2003

I'd make an offer for Antonio Perez but I dont think you have him at the
-- Rich 
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Pick me Jeff. 

BerlineRedHots or perhaps The Mighty RedLiners. 

Congrats on winning the week in The Pool. I hope Andy duly recognizes your
accomplishment with the same energy he used to dump on you just a week ago.
(How's that for shameless sucking up?)

Actually, I kinda like the sound of The Mighty Berliners.  Hmm.  This has
real potential Rich.  By the way, A+ on the sucking up.  You're clearly the
front runner.  :-)

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