[USML Announce] 2004 League Configuration

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In a message dated 12/16/2003 10:56:43 AM Eastern Standard Time, RERobbins at iTinker.net writes:

> Several owners -- including me -- do not want to add two owners.  I'm not sure what the majority view is though.  I don't like how thin the talent pool gets with 11 teams.
> -- Rich
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> I say let's have both Jim and John follow up.  Although I was the person who suggested that we only add one player, I would be happy to add two if they are both interested.
> -Andy

As always, I would support 11 (or even 12) teams in the league.  Unlike Rich, I like a "thin" talent pool.  I think it makes the draft far more interesting and places a premium on both preparation and draft strategy.


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