[USML Announce] League Size

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Wed Dec 17 08:06:04 EST 2003

I'm just speaking for myself and not Jeff C., but I'm okay with 10 or 11.
I'd say the best argument for staying at 10 is it wouldn't disrupt the
current dynamics regarding salaries, etc. that everyone's used to. But
perhaps the decision should be dictated on how many serious candidates we
end up having for wanting to join the league.    J.

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Winick, Klein, Kerber and Gammons would be pleased to make the league
than ten.

Robbins, Shabelman and (I think) Barrett would prefer to hold at ten for

Jim -- correct me if I'm wrong.

Would the Bombers and the Brats please take a position on league size?

Once we know what the majority view is we can proceed.



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