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Jim Barrett chicagojab at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 10:34:37 EST 2003

I agree with Andy; 10 teams this season and think about adding a new one in the future.  

Andy Klein <anrklein at yahoo.com> wrote:If Brad won't reconsider, I think we should disperse
the Riptorns' roster and have the new player start
from scratch, as we did with Jim B. and the Brats.

Also, my preference (though not strong) is to only add
one new player this year. If he seems to enjoy our
unique culture, then we can look for an 11th team in
the future.


--- "Richard E. Robbins" 
> First of all, I want to wish a warm and happy
> Thanksgiving to each of
> you.
> At this point, it appears that all nine teams will
> return.
> We would all be delighted if Jeff can get Brad and
> Mike to return and we
> will wait for Jeff to report back on this matter.
> If Jeff does not succeed, it would be best to get a
> new team.
> If we fail to get a new team, we need to expand
> rosters and will need to
> fuss with salary caps, floors, minimum IPs, ABs etc.
> Let's get another
> team and avoid that mess.
> Jim raised the issue of whether a new owner would
> inherit the Riptorns
> roster or be forced to build from scratch. In the
> past, we've let a new
> owner inherit a departing owner's roster. In Jim's
> case, there was no
> departing owner and therefore no roster to inherit. 
> I suppose if an
> owner wishes to leave the league and hand his roster
> over to a new owner
> that's one thing. In the case where an owner
> departs and we need to
> find a new participant I'm not sure it matters. I
> have no problem with
> either approach. Can we get a consensus on this
> point?
> There seems to be some support for expanding beyond
> ten to eleven -- but
> it's not clear if that is a minority position. For
> what it's worth, I'd
> prefer to limit the league to ten teams but I don't
> feel especially
> strong about it.
> -- Rich

Andrew R. Klein
anrklein at yahoo.com

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