[USML Announce] Ouch

Andy Klein anrklein at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 08:41:47 EDT 2005

Pippin is unlikely to weigh in until the semester
mercifully comes to a close at the IU School of Law in
Indianapolis.  But here’s one advance tidbit.  Pippin
will compliment Blocker for following the Klein
strategy of not investing in starting pitching. 
Blocker, however, must learn that the Roto Gods do not
appreciate owners with crappy starters mocking other
teams’ pitchers.  Hence, the Carter line after the
Bush comment.


PS:  Under different circumstances, I would note that
both the Bombers and the Berliners are currently
looking up at the Nine in the standings.  However,
given that Lou Pinella is starting Hideo Nomo on three
days’ rest against Randy Johnson and the Yanks, I
realize that won’t last very long.  For now, I head
off to prepare myself for a major “saarloosing” …

--- SpringKerb at aol.com wrote:
> I released my predictions right after the draft.  As
> for Pippen, Andy  has 
> some weak excuse about work that he keeps trotting
> out.
> Mark

Andrew R. Klein
anrklein at yahoo.com

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