[USML Announce] Ordonez $75M Deal

Doug Shabelman doug at burnsent.com
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Is it not a major concession to lose the extra years? Believe me, I agree
100% with you it was idiotic, but he might have been able to garner a 3-year
deal out of the Cubs or someone else. The Tigers admitted they were going to
overpay to get him-- trust me, that guy did not want to go to Detroit and Bo
knew it.

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The clause makes all the sense in the world and is truly a major concession
on his side, but the question is the amount of money that the contract adds
up to if he plays throughout the term.

Major concession???  There was no other team interested in paying him
anything near that amount - even for one year, let alone 7.  It strikes me
as a no-brainer.  If he really is unable to play - he still walks away with
12 million dollars.  

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