[USML Announce] Ordonez $75M Deal

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     I'm only guessing, but I think a large part of the answer goes to the old bugaboo "collusion".  The agents appear to be very clever at fooling the owners into believing that there are other owners poised to pay their client much more money.  The owners seem to be at a distinct disadvantage because the rules of the game as I understand them state that owners cannot compare notes with each other when it comes to contract offers to players.  So apparently either; (a) the owners are model citizens who actually play by the rules and don't consult with each other because it would just be wrong, (b) are still spooked by the court decision from eons ago regarding collusion and don't want to get caught again, or (c) are deranged loons who love to throw away their money.
     Personally, I think it's about 75% (b), 15% (a), and 10% (c).

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