[USML Announce] Roster Freeze Day

Andrew R. Klein anrklein at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 11 08:12:54 EST 2005

I would rather have more than a week's notice of freeze rosters, so I would prefer March 5.  I doubt that the early spring games will make much difference in anyone's decisions.

Of course, our rules also permit us to make one late dump just before the draft.


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  How about if we make it the 12th, instead?  That way, it would be easy to send it in during the day.  If it's on a Friday night, which I think the 11th is, I'll probably fall asleep while I'm getting Gigi to sleep and miss the deadline (again).

  Also, on rules, I think it would be good to have a full transaction reporting opportunity right before the opening of the regular season, to let everyone fill holes and set up their line-ups.  It wouldn' t necessarily have to be on the usual Saturday night.

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