[USML Announce] Cable Question for Those With Comcast

Richard E. Robbins RERobbins at iTinker.net
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You can get a Tivo like box from Comcast for a very modest monthly price (I
think they call it a digital video recorder), you use that thing instead of
the more traditional converter box -- if you get that gizmo you'll have an
HD signal that you can feed right into your HD ready TV.  I'm not sure if
the HD signal comes with the standard converter box or if their is a simpler
way to address what you want to achieve.  We were very happy to get rid of
our old VCR when we got the digital video recorder.
-- Rich


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To my North Suburban Brethren With Comcast Cable and HDTV:
   I know I can call Comcast with this question, but you know how long and
agonizing that can be (plus they don't have any minor leaguers I want): my
old TV is on the fritz, perfect for the Super Bowl, and I'm pricing LCD
HDTVs. I have digital cable now but articles I read suggest there is an
additional charge for HD.  So I ask those who have HDTV up here: does
Comcast charge more for HD or does that come with the digital converter box
as is? 

Respectfully submitted,

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