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Doesn't seem too misguided now, I'd say--go back and re-read it....

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 Nice effort Mark.  Misguided, but well done nonetheless.

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In honor of my friend Brad Jansen, I've written a song in anticipation of
Sunday's game.  Enjoy.

Bursting the Super Bowl Bubble
(sung to the tune of "Super Bowl Shuffle")


We're the Colts and we're the team
The Bears? That's who were gonna cream
We've been good forever, but never got this far
We have good players and a QB who is not sub-par
We're from Indiana and the call us Hoosiers
But at least after Sunday they won't call us losers
The Lombardi Trophy, that's our quest
We're out to show that we're the best
We didn't come here looking for trouble
We just came to burst the Bears Super Bowl bubble

Payton Manning:

My name is Payton and I'm the one
That makes the offensive motor run
I like to change plays at the line
It may look confusing but it will turn out fine
I make opposing defenses bend and flex
My teammates all love that I'm not named Rex
The fans love me too, I'm a hometown hero
And my QB rating will never be zero
Come Sunday, I plan to seal the Bears' fate
And I won't be worrying about my New Years eve date
I didn't come here looking for trouble
I just came to burst the Bears' Super Bowl bubble

Tony Dungy:

I'm the coach and my name is Dungy
My goal is to make the Bears look grungy
I was stuck forever in Tampa Bay
But now I'm in the Bowl and will make Lovie pay
I chart up plays and let my guys run free
No way Payton puts up one point three
When we win the Bowl I will do some flips
I just hope 99 doesn't bring any clips
I didn't come here looking for trouble
I just came to burst the Bears' Super Bowl bubble

Marvin Harrison:

I'm the wideout and my name is Marv
I love my QB even though he aint no Favre
I earned my way here, I'm no party crasher
Just wait till you see how I burn Nathan Vasher
All DBs I like to burn their butt
My other target is named Peanut
I didn't come here looking for trouble
I just came to burst the Bears' Super Bowl bubble

Dwight Freeney:

My name is Freeney I'm the man in the middle
Opposing runners, I make them look little
Come Sunday, I don't plan on doing a lot of fencin'
I just plan to flatten that fat cow Benson
I crash the line and off I rumble
I can't wait for Sunday when I make Rex fumble
Lots of people I have to thank
And I promise no guns because I aint no Tank
I didn't come here looking for trouble
I just came to burst the Bears' Super Bowl bubble

Joseph Addai:

My name is Joe and I'm a-ragin
I'm from LSU but I'm no dumb Cajun
The opposing team, they are talking smack
I don't know why, heck, they lost to the Pack
When I play on Sunday I plan to score
And when I see Urlacher I will do it some more
Trust me when I tell you I will play hearty
Because I plan to hoist the Lombardi
I didn't come here looking for trouble
I just came to burst the Bears' Super Bowl bubble

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