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Brad Jansen bljansen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 17:11:34 EST 2007

Well, there was good news today as Roto God Jeffrey Winick returned from
sunny Arizona in time to take some fantasy baseball questions in his
Wednesday weekly chat......

             Hoosier Rick: Will Trot Nixon hit as many home runs as his $7

            *JW:  *Nope. Sorry. No help there.* *

   Robbin the Rich:  I have King Felix in last year of contract. Do I up him
2 years or 3?  He's only 5 now and I....

            *JW:  *Don't talk so much--you're using up others' valuable
time.  Next question...

    Buddha, Deerfield: Barton or Gload: who has brighter future?

            *  JW:  *If you're referring to Rachel, then it's Russ.

    Angry Doug, Chicago:  Can I win if I reserve a bunch of $1 guys like
Kenny Rogers, Donnelly, Cintron and Sisco?

              *JW: *You win if you reserve a bunch of $1 guys like Zumaya
and Putz.  Please, stop wasting my time with such dumb questions--

       Robbin the Rich: No, really, I do need your advice about Hernandez,
you see---

              *JW:*  Enough already.  On to the lightning round!

              Indy Klein:  What's a lightning round?

              *JW:  *You'll never get it, will you?

              Nuke:  Hernandez or Hansen: best breakout candidate?

              *JW:  *Hansen, but it's thisclose....

              Robbin the Rich: Maybin or Tabat---

              *JW: *Enough already with this guy!

              Mark The Spot Blocker:  I never win, what will be my legacy?

               *JW:*  You wouldn't trade me Swisher for Zumaya.  That says
it all.

                       Winick:  OK, everybody. Thanks for all those
thoughtful questions, sorry I couldn't get to more.  Until next week,
remember, it's only rock 'n roto, but I like it, like it, yes I do!!
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