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Tue Feb 20 20:51:27 EST 2007

I think I suggested as much earlier.  If Brad can report his trades, 
we'll have most of it done.  (And if he can't, I guess anyone who did a 
deal with him is free to cancel.)  I'll even report the one I did with 
him--Iguchi for Huber.  Now, can everyone else report theirs, starting 
with Brad?


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  You made this mess, you need to clean it up.? I doubt that Mark 
Blocker or anyone else is in a position to list what they think your 
roster looks like now -- or any other roster where the owner has 
engaged in your drunken offf-season trade orgy.
 -- Rich

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Has anyone answered Buddha's cry for help? O! Mighty Commissioners, you 
already are at such a huge advantage over us, so please tell us where o 
where we might find rosters so that we may better prepare for battle....

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