[USML Announce] Fire Sale, Phase II

Doug Shabelman doug at burnsent.com
Wed Jun 6 09:17:09 EDT 2007

They are both more expensive, but please gentlemen, do the math -- who
has more ahead of them? The guy who hit 35 dingers with 102 rbis and 79
runs last year (Ramirez) or Big Papi who hit 54 dingers with 115 rbis
and 115 runs.....?


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Aren't they both more expensive than Jim Thome?  Oh, sorry, I forgot.
There's a trade embargo against me.  Sorry. Back to the basement. Kerbs,
move those cans over, will ya?

On 6/6/07, Doug Shabelman <doug at burnsent.com> wrote: 

	Right, right, Rich. Ortiz can barely move, nice try to diminish
	trade value, but the numbers don't lie. Anyone want a guy with
	AVG .332 | HR 10 | RBI 41
	Manny in comparison (with his "health")-- AVG .284 | HR 8 | RBI
	You know where to find me, fellas.

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