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I've heard he's almost as good a prospect as Craig Hansen.

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? Tomorrow the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will make Vandy pitcher David
Price the #1 overall pick in the amateur draft.? Look him up; he is 
to be a great major league pitcher.
? However, the new look Bombers are playing for now, so tomorrow I
will entertain trade offers for Mr. Price.? My intention is to hold a
one-day auction, and to have a deal for Mr. Price hot wax sealed by the 
end of
the day. If you want to make an offer, call or e-mail me.? But I want 
have a deal done before I get on the train home tomorrow night at 5:30.
? All offers welcome ....but do not delay !
? -- Mark B.
P.S.? Offers on my other keepers are welcome as

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