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  Tomorrow the Tampa Bay Devil Rays will make Vandy pitcher David  Price the 
#1 overall pick in the amateur draft.  Look him up; he is going  to be a great 
major league pitcher.
  However, the new look Bombers are playing for now, so tomorrow I  will 
entertain trade offers for Mr. Price.  My intention is to hold a  one-day auction, 
and to have a deal for Mr. Price hot wax sealed by the end of  the day. If 
you want to make an offer, call or e-mail me.  But I want to  have a deal done 
before I get on the train home tomorrow night at 5:30.
  All offers welcome ....but do not delay !
  -- Mark B.
P.S.  Offers on my other keepers are welcome as  well.

Guess PT/KR is figuring out that this whole dumping thing isn't as easy as  
it looks.
But my real question is this.  Less than 3 months ago, Andy "Josh  Fields" 
Klein (or is that Andy "Ryan Sweeney" Klein) tried to ban any  transactions 
involving minor leaguers and was ably assisted in his efforts by  Mark "David 
Price" Blocker.  Is this an abject lesson in humility (in which  case both will be 
congratulated for seeing the light and will be offered  complimentary and 
immediate DUMP membership) or rather one of the most egregious  examples of 
hypocrisy in the history of the USML?
Inquiring minds want to know.
That is all.
Jeff Winick

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