[USML Announce] Welcome Back, Cliff Lee!

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As I said, one and done.  A quick curtain call, then off to the golf couse.  A team that's just one touchdown better than a very bad Bears team isn't exactly going to scare any good teams.

Where's Shabelman? He'll confirm that any team that doesn't win the Super Bowl is just another loser.


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Pretty much over?  The playoffs don?t count?

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News flash:  Football's pretty much over in WI, too.  Of course, if you had a better quarterback, like that guy in Minnesota, maybe the Packers would have a shot to make an impact in the playoffs.  But, hey, there's no shame in a one and done playoff appearance, is there?  Heck, the Bears have done that plenty of times. 



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Pitchers and catchers. ? Oh yeah it's baseball season in Chicago. 
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On Dec 14, 2009, at 8:56 PM, Andrew Klein <anrklein at yahoo.com> wrote: 
> The Klein Nine would like to be among the first to warmly welcome > Cliff Lee back to the junior circuit. 
> How many days until pitchers and cathers report? 
> That is all. 
> -Andy 
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