[USML Announce] Hot Stove Beaters: Rips' Number Ones Take CommandingLead In Prospect Parade

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For those of you tracking Baseball America's AL top ten prospect lists
(Jeff, Rich, Kerbs and Buddha) and scoring at home (er, well, never
mind), you cannot help but notice that the Riptorns have taken a
formidable, if not untouchable early lead in amassing Number Ones:
Chris Sale-CWS, Lonnie Chisenhall-CLE, and Jacob Turner-DET.  It's
only a matter of days before Grant Green takes the pole position for
the A's. And why Jeremy Hellickson aced Desmond Jennings for the Ray's
number one slot is an issue I'll leave to Jeff Winick to answer. But
Shabes, you gotta good one there....

On another note, my annual offseason roster review starts shortly. My
accuracy and depth are unquestioned. And I offer something new this
holiday season:  If you're interested in obtaining an advance
publication containing more substantive detail than the emails I'll
distribute league-wide, please stop by my office and pay me fifteen
dollars in cash or coin.  Order by Hanukkah and you'll get a free
wall-size line drawing of Jeffrey Winick.

That is not all.

--Brad Riptorn and Frayed
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