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You'll also learn (if you haven't already) to take whatever you are 
told by Mr. Fruit was a (gargantuan) grain of salt.

The date was September 27, 2010.  The cheese wasn't even off all of the 
heads and back in the refrigerators in Green Bay and the one and only 
John Fruit was already trotting out conspiracy theories about how the 
Pack had been done wrong by the referees.  I trust Professor Klein will 
back me up on this one.

Your Giants played a great game.  I've got to believe you enjoyed the 
picture of the vastly overrated player with the flowing locks (boy/girl 
- you decide) sitting on his butt (backwards) as he watched the Giants 
run right through the middle of the pathetic Packer defense to tie the 
score up with 58 seconds left.  I'll give Aaron Rodgers all the props 
in the world.  He just might be good enough to get it done in this year 
of parity.  But name me the last time a team with a defense this porous 
won a Super Bowl.


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Dennis, you'll quickly learn that blaming referees and injuries does 
not pass   muster to the denizens of this league.  Professor Klein is 
the long-time        arbiter of such 
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