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BA just came out w/ its mid-season top 50.  Get to work, will you?  We'll expect to see a lengthy column by noon tomorrow.


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ANAHEIM -- Nearly everyone in attendance at Angel Stadium on Friday night will have his or her eyes fixated on one person. A 19-year-old kid from New Jersey will be the subject of that attention. His name is Mike Trout. 
The Angels announced late on Thursday night that they called up the young outfielder from Double-A Arkansas, and he would join the Major League club in time for Friday's game against Seattle. 
LOSER: Berliners lose a contract year on the $15 Trout, but gain the admiration of fellow owners who can only kneel before the genius of Jeffrey Winick....can Matt Moore be far behind?
WINNERS: Everyone.  What a joy to see such young talent take the field!   

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