[USML Announce] USML Today: The Second Half Stories

Brad Jansen bljansen at gmail.com
Thu Jul 14 21:55:04 EDT 2011

A team-by-team look at the stories that can engage us all during this
season's second-half:

  *Win-Ick Ein Berliners:  *Youngsters' efforts dictate which players Winick
keeps and which ones he'll try to trade to Jansen in off-season (i.e.,
Smoak, Matusz, etc...).  Will Moore join Trout on active roster and totally
screw Winick's reserve roster plans?

  *Block's Bombers: *Will Brother Mark find trading partner for Reynolds,
Peavy or Pabelbon?  Odds say not at this point.

  *Klein Nine: *Has Klein traded away team's shot at title?  Is John Lackey
team's savior? Best guesses: yes and no.

  *Nukes: *Will Nukes continue to rebuild and hold off Riptorns in fight for

 * Hoosier Daddies: *Gams landed Anderson, Morales, Gordon, Viciedo--a good
haul for next year. Will enjoy a quiet summer.

  *Mighty Red Hots: *Need only play prevent defense and let Klein take care
of rest. Plus gets to keep Price. Nice.

  *Riptorns: *Got some keepers, now primed for 5th place food fight.

  *Lake Michigan Calamari: *Awaits return of Crawford, Buchholz to fight to
the finish for first.

  *Angry Young Men: *Got his keepers. Just hopes they're healthy next year.

  *Flaming Brats: *What a difference a healthy Morneau would have made. Will
try trading Rajai Davis just to keep the conga line moving and grooving....
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