[USML Announce] Year In Review: What Happened?

Brad Jansen bljansen at gmail.com
Fri Jul 29 10:37:53 EDT 2011

Klein's toast, no one's trading, Winick not returning calls, nothing to
write about, so let's acknowledge RER's victory and take a loving look back

Angry Young Men:  Drafts better by phone....distracted all year...misses
Buddha...nice keeps for next year....

Berliners: Rebuilding effort netted mixed results, with supplemetal draft
picks among best keeps....as Montero stagnates in minors and Feliz loses
closer's role to Bell, season turns on one player: Hosmer....guaranteed to
finish behind Riptorns in 2012, too....

Bombers: Held cards too long, but won a Cahill....but any team with a
Furbush can't be that bad.....

Hoosier Daddies: Sluggish start startled Gams into early dump deals and he's
got nice supply of keeps for 2012....

Riptorns: Brilliant strategy of retaining nine pitchers crushed by weight of
underproducing veterans....traded away league's best player in Ellsbury
(30), but netted far better keepers than Winick so season not a total
bust...this is the team to beat in 2012

Nukes: Draft day distractions (laptop and Winick's babbling) hurt Nukes out
of gate, but Kerbs picked a winner in Pestano (5--closer of the future)

Flaming Brats: Sizemore and Morneau held back a solid team that coulda been
a contenda

Lake Michigan Calamari: solid draft guaranteed money finish and it's gonna

Klein Nine: The all-in offense strategy only goes so far--this year it was
mid-July before wheels rolled off the wagon--but lack of quality pitching
untracked this exciting second place squad

Mighty Red Hots: Adopted Morningstar's asset management strategy and sold at
optimal time...well-managed squad met optimistic pre-season predictions and
finishes first.  CONGRATULATIONS, RICH!!
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