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I am absolutely in.  I will be sending an email seeking to select a draft date in the next day or two.

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Sorry for the late reply, I'm in.

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I’m not sure quite how to start this note, so I’ll get right to the point.  I’m writing with hope that we can set aside any ill feelings from the 2013 USML season and begin planning our league’s 26th season.

Many of us have been part of this group for more than half our lives.  The league has survived longer than an average marriage.  Like any family, we have fought, fumed, and argued – sometimes with remarkable intensity.  But we’ve also had a lot of fun and shared many of our lives’ most important events together.  Without the league to connect us, I doubt we would have maintained friendships the way we have for so many years.   To me, it would be beyond sad to lose that, and it depresses me to think about a summer without the USML.

I am not trying to diminish any hurt feelings from last year.  Rather, I am pleading with everyone to do his best to put it in the past and move forward.  A few suggestions …

1.         Let’s have Mark B. will start the annual process of picking a draft date for the spring.

2.         No apologies, no revisiting old issues, no looking back.  Let’s buy our software (or in my case a magazine) and start putting together rosters.

3.         If others think it would help, I am open to instituting a “no comment” custom on future trades.

4.         If someone still won’t play, I might propose holding a franchise “open” for the year.  Personally, I’d rather play with a smaller group this year than lose anyone for the long term.

Thanks for listening.  I’m open to any other suggestions that moves us ahead.


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