[USML Announce] Trade Anyone??

Jeffrey Winick jhwinick at aol.com
Mon Oct 5 17:59:15 EDT 2015

Why wait for the long cold winter to begin before getting a jump on 2016.

Here are the guys I'm willing to discuss in trades.  Some more interesting than others.  The guys in bold will take some special effort to pry away.  You know where to find me.

C             	Russell Martin                   14           Y1
1              	Prince Fielder                    25           Y1
1              	Mark Teixeira                    9              Y1
DH          	MiguelSano                      10           Y1
3              David Freese                      1              Y1
1/2         	Logan Forsythe                 5              Y1
SS           FranciscoLindor               10           Y1
SS           XanderBogaerts              5              Y2
O             Nelson Cruz                        16           Y2
O             Mike Trout                          59           Y2
O             BenRevere                        5              Y1
O             AvisailGarcia                    7              LT16
2/O        	Ben Zobrist                         20           Y1
P             CarlosCarrasco                 5              Y2
P             CarlosRodon                     10           Y1
P             Danny Salazar                    15           Y1
P             Justin Verlander               14           Y1
P             R.A. Dickey                         10           Y1
P             Colby Lewis                        10           Y1
P             David Price                          32           Y2
P             Danny Duffy                       5              Y2
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