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Good evening all,
Fantastic job, Jeff! (That is Winick, by the way, not Samardzija)
Thanks for the nice welcome back into the league and for the great feedback. Planning for 2016 has already begun.
Mark/all: if any of those admittedly necessary tutorials on FAAB bidding take place in Florida or Arizona in the first half of March, please let me know. I'm game!
Go Cubs!
- Frank 

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Subject: Re: [USML Announce] All Hail The Berliners    Andy,    Of course, thank you for your kind sentiments.  A few comments of my own:    1.        Congratulations to Mr. Blocker on successfully overachieving this year by a full three positions.  In fact, he even made it close at the finish.  But the view from Second Street isn't quite as nice as the one from First Avenue.    2.        Condolences to the K9 for their sputtering finish.  And congratulations to the Hoosier Daddies for an excellent season.    3.        Hearty congratulations to the Lubeasts for having the good sense to unload most of their pathetic White Sox.  Samardzija was a disaster, but we all saw that coming (or at least should have).  David Robertson, on the other hand, was supposed to be good.  Clearly Mr. Luby knows exactly what he's doing.  Speaking of Samardzija - thank you Mr. Klein for saving me from myself.  Had you accepted my trade offer for Samardzija the final results might just have turned out differently.    4.        I stand by my critique of Roberto Osuna.  He will be a PAN in the upcoming magazine.  I know he's only $5, but he's got fluke written all over him.  Some statistics that are interesting:  His BABIP (batting average on balls in play) is .240.  Major league average is .270.  That's means he's been lucky.  Elite closers have K/BB in excess of 7.  Mr. Osuna's is 4.69 and has been 2.00 for the last month.  That' means he's just not that good.  Mark K., if I were you I'd see what Andy will offer you to get him back.    5.        I'm not sure I understand your 5th item....is it good to be like Nick Castellanos under any circumstances?      Congratulations to everyone on a great season.  The state of the USML is strong!    The Berliner's trading window is now open.  Let's make some deals.    And, most importantly......GO CUBS!!    The King  

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Subject: Re: [USML Announce] All Hail The Berliners I was getting ready to prepare my Congratulations Note, as well.  So ...    1.  Congratulations to Jeff and the Berliners, who will be hoisting the Damon next spring!!    2.  Congratulations to Mark B. for preventing the K9 from from achieving its top annual goal of beating the Bombers. (Rick, I'd congratulate you, as well, but am not quite ready to concede third to the Hoosier Daddies.)    3.  Congratulations to the Lubeasts for foisting Jeff Samardzija and Jeremy Guthrie on me in the franchise's first trade since returning to the league.  (Frank - please don't tell anyone that I specifically asked for Guthrie when you were offering Chris Young.  Sigh.)    4.  Congratulations to Mark Kerber for being the only guy in the league to laugh off Winick's "anti-puffery" as I shopped Roberto Osuna.  I hope the Nukes enjoy owning a $5 closer on the AL's best team.  (And, thanks Kerbs, for the 1.3 innings that Jason Vargas contributed to my team.  Grrrrr ...)    5.  Congratulations to the AYM for trading Nick Castellanos immediately before he became Evan Longoria ... in exchange for Evan Longoria just before he became Nick Castellanos. And don't even get me started on Annibal Sanchez.  (Doug - I do recognize that you traded Chris Davis to me in 2014, and he did end up having a pretty nice season.  :) )    Maybe most important, congratulations to all for a great season.  I'm already looking forward to next year's draft. (AND GO CUBS!!)    -Andy             On Thu, Oct 1, 2015 at 11:38 AM, Rick Gammons <ricklgammons at gmail.com> wrote: Greetings;     Well, so much for that down to the final day battle - let me be the first to congratulate Jeff on his 2015 USML crown. Damned if that save-punting strategy didn't work!  His wily pitching improvements in the other 4 categories proved to be too much.  Now it's down to the last day for 2-4 places.........    Rick  
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