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The 22^nd Annual College Bowl Pool

Greetings and welcome to the College Bowl Pool’s 22^nd Year!

Given the large number of games – and in order to give everyone a chance 
to submit picks --, we’ll start a little later this year, beginning with 
the Heart of Texas Bowl on */December 27./*Once again, we */will 
/*include the National Champion Game.That means entering one of the four 
playoff teams as a title game winner (Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, or 
Washington) and assigning points according to your own tolerance for 
risk.Here’s a reminder on how things work …


This is a confidence pool.Pick the winners of each bowl game and weight 
your confidence accordingly (i.e., 25 on the game in which you have the 
most confidence down to 1 on the game in which you have the least 
confidence).*/All entries must be submitted to anrklein at gmail.com BEFORE 
“Bowl Pool” in the subject line of your message. _/*


Two other notes:/Don’t pick in order/ (e.g., chronologically from 1-23 
or 23-1.)That is not in the spirit of the game!


I am sending this message to players from previous years and other 
potentially interested people (or at least those for whom I have an 
e-mail address).Please feel free to forward the message to others who 
might want to play.


The pool is for pride and charity.NFL Pool players already have “paid” 
through a gift to the Devin Shafron Memorial Fund, which is now managed 
by the Chicago Community Trust.(And if you haven’t paid, this is an 
excellent time to send your check.)The Fund is a foundation established 
by Phyllis Shafron in memory of her son, and our friend, Devin.Its 
purpose purpose has been to provide new books for Chicago public school 
libraries. The foundation has raised tens of thousands of dollars and 
donated books to dozens of schools in Devin’s memory.There are several 
schools that have plaques in honor of The Pool’s contribution.If anyone 
would like more information about the foundation, or how to make a small 
contribution as a “fee” for the pool, let me know.


1995-1996:Historical data lost in the Great Klein Computer Crash of '97

1997:Mark Winick

1998:Michelle DiOrio

1999:Rick Gammons

2000:Jeff Cohen

2001:Jim DiOrio

2002:Andy Klein

2003:Pete Klein

2004:Jeff Winick

2005:Pete Klein

2006: Andy Klein

2007:Bill Jones

2008:Bob Schussel

2009:Jason Klein

2010:Sam Winick

2011:Mark Winick

2012:Dan Cole

2013:Jim Weil

2014:Ezra Blocker

2015:Tim Klein


Dec. 27 — *Heart of Dallas Bowl*, North Texas vs. Army

Dec. 27 — *Military Bowl*, Wake Forest vs. Temple

Dec. 27 — *Holiday Bowl*, Minnesota vs. Washington State

Dec. 27 — *Cactus Bowl*, Baylor vs. Boise State

Dec. 28 — *Pinstripe Bowl*, Pittsburgh vs. Northwestern

Dec. 28 — *Russell Athletic Bowl*, Miami (Fla.) vs. West Virginia

Dec. 28 — *Foster Farms Bowl*, Indiana vs. Utah

Dec. 28 — *Texas Bowl*, Kansas State vs. Texas A&M

Dec. 29 — *Birmingham Bowl*, South Florida vs. South Carolina

Dec. 29 — *Belk Bowl*, Virginia Tech vs. Arkansas

Dec. 29 — *Alamo Bowl,* Oklahoma State vs. Colorado

Dec. 30 — *Liberty Bowl*, TCU vs. Georgia

Dec. 30 — *Sun Bowl*, North Carolina vs. Stanford

Dec. 30 — *Music City Bowl*, Nebraska vs. Tennessee

Dec. 30 — *Arizona Bowl*, South Alabama vs. Air Force

Dec. 30 — *Orange Bowl*, Florida State vs. Michigan

Dec. 31 — *Citrus Bowl*, Louisville vs. LSU

Dec. 31 — *TaxSlayer Bowl*, Georgia Tech vs. Kentucky

Dec. 31 — *Peach Bowl*, Alabama vs. Washington

Dec. 31 — *Fiesta Bowl*, Clemson vs. Ohio State

Jan. 2 — *Outback Bowl,* Iowa vs. Florida

Jan. 2 — *Cotton Bowl,* Wisconsin vs. Western Michigan

Jan. 2 — *Rose Bowl*, Penn State vs. Southern California

Jan. 2 — *Sugar Bowl*, Oklahoma vs. Auburn

Jan. 9 — *National Championship Game*: Peach Bowl winner v. Fiesta Bowl 
winner (Pick an actual team!)

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