[USML Announce] Next Draft

Jim Barrett chicagojab at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 10:14:15 EST 2016

Now that we've all had time to revel in the Cubs World Series victory, I was wondering if we could try to nail down next draft date? I know it's pretty early but with the travel from Texas and two little kids at home,it's helpful to lock things down sooner than later.   And this year, I know we need to be in Chicago on Sat, Mar 18 for my wife to attend a wedding shower so it would be convenient to have the draft around the same time so I can make one trip. I can't do it that day itself because I will have child care duty but I could do Sunday, Mar 19. Or I can make it a week long trip and attend the draft the other weekend in either direction. So that would be Mar 11-12 or Mar25-26. I'd also be willing to do a weekday evening after work hours around that timeframe (I remember at least one night time draft).


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