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They will not get added to your totals.


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Question:  Justin Wilson's stats have been showing up in the feed on the website.  Will those get wiped out automatically, or do you have to do something to keep NL stats from showing up in our league data?

Mark K

P.S.  Did I mention that Justin Wilson is on the block?  ROY, stud, $5.

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Waive Justin Wilson.  He was a rotation pick, so I think I just get $2.

Mark K

P.S.  Fuller went on the DL.  Will resume throwing in 10-12 days, but he's very much on the block now.

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League:  If anyone has players that they are waiving as a result of inter-league trades and wants to have the balance added to their FAAB, please email me over the next day or two.

  - Mark B.
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