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Wow.  Nice haul.  You didn't give up much.  Andy is either seriously desperate or you have something on him.


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An impressive haul for the Angry Young Men, though I would have sworn that it wasn't that long ago that Mr. Shabelman was mocking my trade inquiries by declaring that I wouldn't even finish ahead of him.  

But I've been doing a little bit of work myself.  I don't believe in one-stop shopping so I've spread the net a little wider.  In fact, at one point it even looked like I might be announcing a trade with the Bombers.  Alas, that proved impossible as Mr. B overplayed his hand, but I have nonetheless managed to complete trades with three other league members.  I was saving them as a surprise for tomorrow morning, but since the Nukes have nothing left to offer that I can identify on their roster, I don't see any reason to wait any longer:

Trade #1

The LuBeasts and the Berliners announce the following mutually beneficial trade:

Berliners trade Miguel Sano and A.J. Puk for Chris Sale and Ji-Man Choi.

Trade #2

The Calamari and the Berliners announce the following mutually beneficial trade:

Berliners trade Triston McKenzie for Roberto Osuna.

Trade #3

The Klein Nine and the Berliners announce the following mutually beneficial trade:

Berliners trade Lucas Giolito, Alex Faedo, and Stephen Gonsalves for Carlos Gomez, Evan Longoria and Kevin Kiermeier.
Hopefully this will serve to make the stretch run a little more interesting that I imagine Mr. Kerber was hoping.

I'm still looking to add a serviceable catcher, so if anyone has interest, you know where to find me.

Let the games begin!

Jeff Winick

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All parties involved in a trade have accepted.  This trade has automatically been inserted and approved.
Nukes gets:
Carlos Beltran Hou from Angry Young Men

Masahiro Tanaka NYY from Angry Young Men

Khris Davis Oak from Angry Young Men

Zach Britton Bal from Angry Young Men

Sandy Leon Bos from Angry Young Men

Justin Verlander Det from Angry Young Men

Angry Young Men gets:
Marco Estrada Tor from Nukes

Miguel Montero Tor from Nukes

Avisail Garcia CWS from Nukes

Franklin Barreto Oak from Nukes

Chance Sisco Bal from Nukes

Michael Fulmer Det from Nukes

Greg Allen Cle from Nukes

  If you would like to change the way the trade center handles trades, visit Commish Pages -> Set Up -> Transactions -> Owner Trade Function

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