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Good points on Leake.  Folks should coordinate to be sure somebody is going to bid up anybody else juicy that comes into the league.





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With a 1-5 record and a 6.91 ERA since the All Star Break, I don't think Leake is the guy that's going to change the outcome of this suddenly interesting USML season.  Although as long as we're engaging in tampering, if I could request that either the Lubeasts or the Angry Young Men bid heavily since I need to pass them in WHIP.  That 1.78 WHIP in Leake's last 5 outings suggests that having him on either one of your teams would be akin to giving me a point.  

The far more important news today is that the Tigers put two Justins on the block and one of them (Upton) is definitely staying in the American League and the other (Verlander) may not.

That is all.


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In an effort to keep the league fully informed, please note the following:

Mike Leake is now in the American League and available for FAAB bidding.
Jeff Winick has $22 left in his FAAB account.

Don't bother to thank me.  (Just bid $23.)


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