[USML Announce] Riptorns RIP

Richard E. Robbins RERobbins at iTinker.net
Tue Dec 2 19:21:31 EST 2003

Pick me Jeff. 

BerlineRedHots or perhaps The Mighty RedLiners. 

Congrats on winning the week in The Pool. I hope Andy duly recognizes your accomplishment with the same energy he used to dump on you just a week ago.  (How's that for shameless sucking up?)

-- Rich

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From: JHWinick at aol.com
Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 19:07:13 
To:announce at usml.net
Subject: [USML Announce] Riptorns RIP

I am sorry to report that Mr. Jansen has definitively indicated that he will not be returning to the league next year.  We should be making plans in earnest to either replace the Riptorns or agree on a format for expanded rosters. 
Having lost the argument to allow Jim to conduct an expansion draft, I tend to agree with Jim that if we expand rosters, we ought not to allow a new team to reap the benefits Jim was not allowed to enjoy.  Let's return all of that talent back into the pool. 
By the way, I will be entertaining offers from those who would like to take over the role of prime Winick trading partner.  The requirements are that you must be willing to exchange the same player between our two teams from one year to the next and be prepared to accept wild swings between first and last place from year to year.  One caveat:  despite the nice ring of Kleinerliners and no doubt despite Mr. Klein's longstanding desire to be Berliner trading partner numero uno, the Klein Nine will not be considered.  To do so would undo the third requirement, which is a willingness to endure the slings and arrows of Andy Klein. 
Let the bidding begin!!! 
Jeff Winick 
BTW - you will all be relieved to learn that Brad has graciously agreed to hand deliver the Damon to my office later this week.

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