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The person that I'm thinking of is my brother in law, Josh Siebert.  Josh is also a big sports fan and a fantasy sports league junkie.  On the positive side, he does live in Chicago.  He's a computer programming and support person at Turtle Wax so he would help reduce the number of lawyers in the league.   The negative side is that my sister (his wife) is a little upset with the number of leagues he participates in although though that's mainly during the football season.  One other note - he would take over the youngest owner title as he is just turning 26 in February.  Do you want me to check with him or would you guys rather pursue John's option first?

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I have one person in mind who expressed at least some casual interest; one
Bill Strotman...sports junkie and bond trader hailing from Deerfield, IL.
The one hangup might be the draft- he'll be in Florida during the first
week of April. Is there a preliminary idea of when next year's draft might

"Andrew R. Klein" 

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I thought that Jim B. and John F. both offered suggestions last go 'round.
I agree with Rich that we should resolve this soon.

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League sentiment seems to be that we should disperse the Riptorns roster
have a new owner build from scratch. There also seems to be a consensus
around the idea of adding not more than a single owner for the upcoming
season. That being said, it's time to get serious about finding a new
owner. If we don't get a new owner, we will need to expand rosters and
with related matters like draft day budget, ceiling, floor, minimum IP and
AB etc. Does anyone have a serious candidate to suggest?

-- Rich

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