[USML Announce] 2004 League Configuration

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I'm attempting now to garner what Bill's interest might be. I believe he's
already in an NL league, and I'm pretty much assured that if I inform him
we are no longer looking for a candidate, he won't be crushed. What would
help to know is a projected day of the draft....

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  Not to further complicate matters, but one of my Sidley partners, John
Gallo, has expressed an interest in joining our league.  He participated in
the NL league in our office, but says he follows the AL and would prefer an
AL-only league.  We should decide soon how to "award" the new franchise and
to whom.

  -- Mark B.

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       As always, I would support 11 (or even 12) teams in the league.
       Unlike Rich, I like a "thin" talent pool.  I think it makes the
       draft far more interesting and places a premium on both preparation
       and draft strategy.

      Although I'm a little surprised to see myself saying this:

      I completely agree with Mark Kerber.

      Will wonders never cease.

      Jeff Winick

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