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Tue Dec 16 15:37:38 EST 2003

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  Not to further complicate matters, but one of my Sidley partners, John 
Gallo, has expressed an interest in joining our league.  He participated in the NL 
league in our office, but says he follows the AL and would prefer an AL-only 
league.  We should decide soon how to "award" the new franchise and to whom.

  -- Mark B.
Let's go to 12!!  I am serious about this suggestion.  It provides us with 
protection against unexpected defections like the Riptorns and it sounds like we 
have three good candidates.  

Rich, don't let anyone else know, but I've decided to award you the status of 
preferred Berliner trading partner as the successor to the Riptorns.  I'll be 
happy to help you identify the wheat among the chaff when it gets to the 
deeper part of the draft.

Jeff Winick
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