[USML Announce] 2004 League Configuration

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Tue Dec 16 19:00:49 EST 2003

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JHWinick at aol.com writes:
Let's go to 12!!  I am serious about this suggestion.  It provides us with 
protection against unexpected defections like the Riptorns and it sounds like we 
have three good candidates.  

I'd be good with that.  One thing I'd say is that if we actually have excess 
candidates, enthusiasm and commitment would be relevant to figuring out who 
comes in.  I don't mind getting my butt kicked by a team that contributes (e.g, 
the 'Torns) as much as having someone in the league that doesn't do anything.  
(And I'm happy to say that I'm content with all of the existing current 
franchises on that score.  This has been a highly active league.)

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