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Sun Apr 3 22:49:14 EDT 2005

  Most of the submitted moves have now been posted.  I say "most"  because 
there is some uncertainty about how to handle certain moves that were  
submitted.  I will explain the issues and proposed solutions and await  league input.  
Note: many ties were broken based on last year's standings,  as you will see.
1.  Kirk Saarloos:  Several teams bid on him, but he was sent  down to the 
minors yesterday, so I do not believe he was eligible to be acquired  via FAAB.  
His name does not appear on the TQStats free agent list for our  league, 
which is further confirmation (and important for item number 2).
2.  Jeff Nelson:  He does not appear on the TQStats free agent  list, and I 
cannot detect if Seattle put him on the 25-man roster.  He was  originally 
signed to a minor league deal.  I think until his contract is  purchased, he is 
not eligible to be acquired.  I am more uncertain about  this one than Saarloos.
3.  Waivers:  Two teams waived players who were traded to the  NL.  By way of 
reminder, our rules provide that the FAAB compensation for  players acquired 
in the rotation draft is $2, not the player's salary.
  Now, for the rest of the moves:


I'm activating Surhoff at OF and reserving  Kendry Morales.

Jeff Winick


Submit a bid  of $11 for Ramon Vazquez SS Bos       We have an  opening 
by the sudden departure of Adam Hyzdu.  Do I get a  credit to my FAAB for the
exit to the NL of young Adam??

Vazquez by  the way will replace Mr Lopez on my active roster for the first
week with  Lopez going to reserve statusR. MARTINEZ   DET     $9      if
successful cut  AINSWORTH


Reserve Ted Lilly & Bobby  Jenks
Activate P Shigi Hasegawa and P Scot Schoeneweis

Sorry - but I  couldn't enter these transactions myself because my roster was
not finalized  and am going out of town so couldn't wait for the weekend for
the  update


Klein Nine:

Waive Jorge Sosa (traded to NL) and  add $2 to FAAB

Bid $7 on Kirk Saarloos.  If successful,  add him to
reserve roster.


Andrew R.  Klein
anrklein at yahoo.comI'd also like to place a $6 bid on Emil Brown  (OF,
KC).  If successful, reserve him.

My previous note waives  Jorge Sosa.  If both my
Saarloos and Brown bids succeed and I need to  waive
another player, please waive Brandon Larson.

As I am heading out  of town with no internet access,
that is all until next week!


Andrew R. Klein
anrklein at yahoo.comFAAB:


Bid $8  on FA Emil Brown.  Bid $8 on FA Kirk Saarloos.

If one is successful,  waive Danny Bautista.  If both are successful, also
waive Kyle  Denney.

If Brown bid is successful, Brown to active roster at UT and  reserve Nick
Punto.  If Saarloos bid is successful, Saarloos to active  roster and reserve
Ryan Franklin.



FAAB  Emil Brown, KC, $8. If unsuccessful, conditional bid of $7 on Andres
Torres,  TX. 
FAAB $8 Kirk Saarloos, Oak
Successful bids to reserve roster; release  in order: Angel Garcia,  Eric

FAAB:  $7  Emil  Brown (KC).  If successful, activate at OF and reserve N.
Logan, and  waive J.  Papelbon.
If  unsuccessful, $5  J. Nelson (Sea).  If Nelson  successful,
reserve.  If Brown and Nelson unsuccessful, $5  R.  Mahay (Tex).  If Mahay
successful, reserve.  Waive Papelbon if one  of these FAABs is successful.
That is  all,


Self-entered moves just in case:
Activate J.  Bartlett at MI, reserve W. Harris
C. Guillen to SS
Activate Gary Matthews  at OF, reserve C. Thomas
activate R. Hernandez at P, reserve K.  Escobar

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