[USML Announce] Hey Kerber (and the rest of you too)

Andrew R. Klein anrklein at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 6 06:49:51 EST 2005

The real Johnny Damon is staying with a team that *has* won a title.  And
that team intends to compete for the other Damon, as well!

Kerber ... don't try to pull those Winickesque tricks on me (i.e., declaring
that I have only four keepers in an effort to make me think about cutting
all my good players loose.)  The Nine will keep nine and be in the hunt!!

That is all.  Until I actually look at the rosters ...


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The only good thing that I have to say about my retention roster is that it
will be inexpensive.  

I should be in a great position to really waste my money on draft day.

HOwever, since I've never had a really strong draft, I should have more than
enough rope to hang myself.

It looks like the Johnny Damon could go to a team that has not previously
won the title.

-- Rich

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> Here are my preseason picks, based primarily on strength of 
> likely freeze lists.
> 1.  Hoosier Daddies. +80-82.  Great retention roster, plus 
> league savvy.  Lookin' like the Year of the Daddies.
> 2.  Flaming Brats.  +77-79.  Just half a step behind Rick in 
> freeze roster strength, but several years behind in league 
> experience.  Will need to be more aggressive than in the past 
> to take advantage.
> 3.  Protective Cups.  +57-59.  Potential contenders in only 
> their second year in the league.  Slow to pull the trigger on 
> deals last year.  Will have to be quicker this year to move 
> to the top.
> 4.  Berliners.  +43-59.  He's baaaack!  Less depth and more 
> volatility in the freeze list than the higher ranked teams, 
> but Jeff's a noted roto expert, so you have to take that into accout.
> 5.  Block's Bombers.  +43-45.  Insert Winick "Drive for Five" 
> comment here.  I swear I didn't fudge the numbers.
> 6.  Angry Young Men.  +32-56.  Lots of upside and downside in 
> freeze list, with young and unproven guys like Figgins, 
> Byrnes and Affeldt.  Could go either way.
> 7.  Nukes.  +27-47.  Will be paying for 2004 pennant chase.
> 8.  Mighty Red Hots.  +33-36.  Also be paying for 2004 
> pennant chase--or something.  
> 9.  Buddha's Republicans.  +20-41.  At the current rate, 
> should be a contender around the time Social Security gets fixed.
> 10.  Klein Nine.  +21-38.  Will be busy on draft day, with 
> only about four keepers and no retained prospects.  But Andy 
> likes it that way.
> 11.  Lake Michigan Calamari.  +20-25.  Steep price to pay for 
> a minor money position last year.

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