[USML Announce] Ordonez $75M Deal

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     Mr. Monroe and his $30 belt will be seen all year patrolling the outfield of Comerica.
     By the way, it's being overlooked in the accounts I've read but Detroit wasn't completely stupid - there's a stipulation that the contract is null and void if Mags misses more than 25 games this year due to his knee.

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> Of course, Monroe always saw good pitches to hit anyway with Eric "HR" 
> Munson hitting behind him... 
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> My reaction was that you might try to pass this off as a boon to Craig 
> Monroe's potential offensive stats. Or did you trade him after he was 
> caught shoplifting a $30 belt? 
> A boon? Buyer beware. Last time I checked, Bobby Higgenson and his 
> multi-million dollar contract had first dibs on playing time. I think Mr. 
> Monroe might be riding a little pine now. 
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