[USML Announce] Ordonez $75M Deal

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The clause makes all the sense in the world and is truly a major concession
on his side, but the question is the amount of money that the contract adds
up to if he plays throughout the term. If there were no other teams looking
at making an offer more than two or three years, why did Schembechler offer
that much dough?  Isn't it time for that guy to step aside?

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     Mr. Monroe and his $30 belt will be seen all year patrolling the
outfield of Comerica.
     By the way, it's being overlooked in the accounts I've read but Detroit
wasn't completely stupid - there's a stipulation that the contract is null
and void if Mags misses more than 25 games this year due to his knee.

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> Of course, Monroe always saw good pitches to hit anyway with Eric "HR" 
> Munson hitting behind him... 
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> My reaction was that you might try to pass this off as a boon to Craig 
> Monroe's potential offensive stats. Or did you trade him after he was 
> caught shoplifting a $30 belt? 
> A boon? Buyer beware. Last time I checked, Bobby Higgenson and his 
> multi-million dollar contract had first dibs on playing time. I think Mr. 
> Monroe might be riding a little pine now. 
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