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     Mr. Monroe and his $30 belt will be seen all  year patrolling the 
outfield of Comerica.
     By the way, it's being overlooked in the  accounts I've read but Detroit 
wasn't completely stupid - there's a  stipulation that the contract is null 
and void if Mags misses more than 25  games this year due to his knee.

Is that before or after the game?  I assume he'll be out there looking  for 
loose change.
As for Mags - the deal provides that the remaining years are void if he  
misses more than 25 games.  They'd still be on the hook for the full $12  million 
this year.  Can you say STUPID.  Reminds me of the deal that  Texas cut with 
Arod.  The next highest bidder was at least $50 million  less.  In this case, 
Detroit was up against NO other bidders.  
The things that make you go hmmmm.
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