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The answer to your question is, of course, ZERO.  I recall at least one phone call after the Bartman incident though!
The answer to Mr. Jansen's prognostication is that, yes, I am presently sitting in Phoenix at the annual AFL conference.  I've conversed with the beaming Messrs. Hemond and Schuler and congratulated them on the long overdue success of the Sox.  I've also spoken with more than a few scouts who uniformly marveled at the Sox victory.  If there was a consistent theme to those conversations it would be summed up by this line:  "It should be another 59 years before it happens again!"
I am also pleased to report that the Sox prospects look consistently mediocre.  Okay, that's not really true.  Chris Young looks great and Sean Tracey is a pretty good young pitcher.  But Josh Fields sure doesn't look like much of a prospect to me.  In contrast, Angel Guzman is easily the most impressive pitcher down here and Matt Murton is spanking the ball and although Eric Patterson looks like his brother, he sure doesn't hit like him (and in case you haven't been paying attention - that's a very good thing).
Tons of great prospects down here, but I'd say the top four are Stephen Drew (Arizona), Ian Stewart (Col), Lastings Milledge (NYM) and Brandon Wood (Anaheim).  Other guys who are impressive are Alex Gordon (KC) and my boy Eric Duncan (NYY).  My take on Daric Barton and Billy Butler - Overrated.
Already looking forward to Spring Training!
Last comment - name the time Mr. Jansen and I'll treat you to a celebration lunch at Billy Goat.
Jeff Winick
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A Brad Jansen missive on the USML list!  How great is

My question for Brad.  How many times did you call
Winick during the Cubs' run in 2003?  Before the
Bartman incident, I mean ...


PS:  Hope all is well.  Are you gearing up for a roto

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> A missive from Brad. . .
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> From: Brad Jansen [mailto:bljansen at gmail.com] 
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> Subject: Epstein out, Winick on deck?
> Now that fellow roto geek Theo Espstein has split,
> is Jeff Winick headed
> to Boston?  Seems to me he must have earned enough
> all these years to
> handle a $2 million annual salary.  Can you believe
> that little buddy of
> mine didn't phone or write once during the White
> Sox' amazing run for
> the glory....guess he spent the month in Arizona,
> ogling I mean scouting
> his future roto gods in the Arizona Fall League,
> attending "banquets"
> and collecting "trophies."  You hurt me bad Jeff, do
> you hear me!  But
> no matter what you say or do to me, Jeffery, I
> cannot, I won't, I don't
> stop believin' and I hold on to that feelin' and I
> think you know what I
> mean. 
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