[USML Announce] Oh Juliana, don't you cry for me.......

Andrew R. Klein anrklein at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 1 06:50:39 EDT 2006

Well ... I'm big on the handshaking thing.  So congratulations to the 
Nukes.  From Day One, Kerber took a bunch of calculated risks and damn 
near every one paid off.   His victory was well-earned.  And congrats to 
the AYM, as well.  In my view, Uncle Doug made the best series of trades 
in league history.  (Note to Blocker:  That was intended to be a genuine 
compliment to Doug, not another poke at Swisher.)

Anyway, I'm licking my wounds and counting my Hansens.  Rest assured 
that the Nine will back in the hunt in 2007!


Bbuddhas at aol.com wrote:
> anybody think Kenny Rogers gives a rat's ass              I don't 
> believe in shaking the other team's hands after games...never have 
> ...never will         so mark, take a hike    you get no atta boy's 
> from me.
> By the way this theory pissed off several little league parents (none 
> of whom had a kid that played for me)
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