[USML Announce] Oh Juliana, don't you cry for me.......

Brad Jansen bljansen at gmail.com
Sun Oct 1 10:28:09 EDT 2006

I think I'm gonna cry...


On 10/1/06, SpringKerb at aol.com <SpringKerb at aol.com> wrote:
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> MBBlocker at aol.com writes:
> The trade in which you dealt Mariano Rivera, while it got much less street
> "press" than the Swisher deal, was one of the best trades of the year.
>  No, it wasn't--it was a lot better than that.  The Rivera trade was the
> best designed trade in league history.  There have been bigger trades, but
> never one that perfectly tailored to the rosters and situations of the teams
> involved.
> Mark
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