[USML Announce] 10-01 USML Moves (and USML first!)

Usmltrans at aol.com Usmltrans at aol.com
Sun Oct 1 21:32:45 EDT 2006

  This week's moves.  Note: a USML first !  A pitcher  acquired on FAAB 
throws a no-hitter the same day he is acquired.
The report:
I.  FAAB (all Bombers, all -5)
P. Phillips, Keppinger, Hansack, Moseley
II. E-mailed moves

P. Phillips -6 if succeeds, to active (C), res Redmond
J. Keppinger - 6 if succeeds, to active (U), waive Gomez
D. Hansack - 15 if succeeds, to active, res. Camp
D. Moseley - 8, if succeeds, to active, res McCarthy

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