[USML Announce] Annual Trade Deadline FAAB Problems

Richard E. Robbins RERobbins at iTinker.net
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That's what I remembered too -- but I wasn't sure.


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My understanding is that the system is what it is and we work within
whatever it gives us, right or wrong.

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In the wake of last year's trade deadline issues did we decide to roll with
whatever the system gives us? 
The reason I ask is that at least at the moment, it appears that not all
players traded into the AL appear on our system as free agents.
Peavy, for example, isn't there yet. 
I have placed a bid on a player not listed on onroto to usmltrans, but I
expect that bidding might not properly take place until next week.
I'm about to get on an airplane and will not be available until later today.

I just wanted to raise the issue for others to decide. 
-- Rich 

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