[USML Announce] Let the Dumping Begin

jhwinick at aol.com jhwinick at aol.com
Sun Feb 22 15:56:42 EST 2009

The Berliners are looking to 2010.? Everyone on the active roster is available.? Looking for prospects.? So, to all you COPS guys who don't think prospects have any value, here's your chance to get something for nothing.? To my fellow DUMP members, the price should be right.
Mathis (1), Suzuki (11), Lopez (18), Cabrera, Miguel?(41), Lowrie (10), Griffey (5), Mora (15), Balfour (5), Cabrera, Melky (5), Harris (12), Riggins (2), Thomas (1) are readily available.

Hamilton (29), Duscherer (12), Sonnanstine (5), Verlander (12), Sherrill (2) are also available, though the price will be a little higher since?all are potential help in 2010.
The Once and Future King

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