[USML Announce] Pre-Season Preview: The Mighty Red-Hots--Marcum Down A Notch

Brad Jansen bljansen at gmail.com
Mon Dec 27 13:17:46 EST 2010

Rich can grouse about the loss of S. Marcum (Y2-1) and K. Wood (Y1-18)
to the NL, but the Red Hots' 20-year rebuilding plan may finally bear
fruit in 2011.

Freed finally of the financial commitment to King Felix, the Red Hots
were expected to make a dash for the big cash in '10, but the Scarlet
Wieners opted for more modest and longer-termed goals. Thus, the team
likely will settle on this retention roster: Teixeira (LT11 23);
Zobrist (Y2-10....will he bounce back...or just bounce?); R. Davis
(Y2-4); J. Borbon (Y2-1); E. Longoria (LT11-10); D. Price (Y2-5....you
see where this is headed....);G. Floyd (LT11-6); A. Bailey (Y2-5); C.
Santana (Y2-1).

The issue, of course, is whether the Hots will trade any of its young
talent later in the year if a deal is needed to secure its hold on 1st
place.  If the Price is right......

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