[USML Announce] Pre-Season Preview: The Mighty Red-Hots--Marcum Down A Notch

Jeffrey Winick jhwinick at aol.com
Mon Dec 27 14:00:20 EST 2010

It had better be the year.  With the best players on this squad 
(Teixeira and Longoria) being on LT11 contracts, this has got to be the 
year.  A real man (i) wouldn't extend the contracts of any of the Y2 
players and (ii) would immediately auction off Hosmer to the highest 
bidder and thereby put it all on the line.

Will it happen?  We'll see.  Retention rosters are due in just a few 
short months.

The King

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Red-Hots--Marcum Down A Notch

Rich can grouse about the loss of S. Marcum (Y2-1) and K. Wood (Y1-18)
to the NL, but the Red Hots' 20-year rebuilding plan may finally bear
fruit in 2011.

Freed finally of the financial commitment to King Felix, the Red Hots
were expected to make a dash for the big cash in '10, but the Scarlet
Wieners opted for more modest and longer-termed goals. Thus, the team
likely will settle on this retention roster: Teixeira (LT11 23);
Zobrist (Y2-10....will he bounce back...or just bounce?); R. Davis
(Y2-4); J. Borbon (Y2-1); E. Longoria (LT11-10); D. Price (Y2-5....you
see where this is headed....);G. Floyd (LT11-6); A. Bailey (Y2-5); C.
Santana (Y2-1).

The issue, of course, is whether the Hots will trade any of its young
talent later in the year if a deal is needed to secure its hold on 1st
place.  If the Price is right......
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