[USML Announce] Gone in 58 Seconds

Jeffrey Winick jhwinick at aol.com
Mon Dec 5 15:37:54 EST 2011

I just knew Mr. B would come to the defense of the poster boy for the 
Green Bay defense.  Put out a little cheese and the true blue Greenies 
can't help but take the bait.

Watch TV?  You bet.  And my guess is that you haven't since if you had 
you might have seen what is inescapable to anyone who knows anything 
about football.

2 tackles in yesterday's game.  Wow!  36 tackles on the season.  36!  
That's 9th on the Packers.  What about that is dominating?

6 sacks.  Not bad, but we're talking about a guy that is hyped as the 
BEST IN FOOTBALL.  You must be kidding me.  6 sacks has him tied for 
26th in the league.

And if you watched the long-haired wonder, you'd notice that at least 
once during every possession, he seems to take the play off.  Just 
lolligagging around as though his reputation alone will make the tackle.

I'm not saying he's a bad football player.  He's not.  But he reminds 
me of a former Packer linebacker, Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila.  The only 
difference is marketing.

Clay Matthews - the most overrated player in the NFL....easily.


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Jeff:  Answer to your question about the last time a team won a Super
Bowlwith a defense like this: 2010.  It's the same Packer defense as
lastyear!  Except this defense has done enough to keep its team at
12-0.Maybe it's better to be 7-5 with a good defense, but not if you
wanthome playoff games.  Clay Mathews overrated?  Do you even own a TV?
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[USML Announce] Gone in 58 SecondsDennis,You'll also learn (if you
haven't already) to take whatever you are told by Mr. Fruit was a
(gargantuan) grain of salt.The date was September 27, 2010.  The cheese
wasn't even off all of the heads and back in the refrigerators in Green
Bay and the one and only John Fruit was already trotting out conspiracy
theories about how the Pack had been done wrong by the referees.  I
trust Professor Klein will back me up on this one.Your Giants played a
great game.  I've got to believe you enjoyed the picture of the vastly
overrated player with the flowing locks (boy/girl - you decide) sitting
on his butt (backwards) as he watched the Giants run right through the
middle of the pathetic Packer defense to tie the score up with 58
seconds left.  I'll give Aaron Rodgers all the props in the world.  He
just might be good enough to get it done in this year of parity.  But
name me the last time a team with a defense this porous won a Super
Bowl.Jeff-----Original Message-----From: JOHN FRUIT, FAF ADVISORS INC.
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you'll quickly learn that blaming referees and injuries does not pass
muster to the denizens of this league.  Professor Klein is the
long-time        arbiter of such

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