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Is this really the best you can do? You think this only happens on the Packers?  Weak.


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So the big-shot Packer veterans force the rookies to take them out to dinner.  Some highlights:

12 shots of Macallan 25 whisky at $215/shot - that's $2580 for a little less than a half bottle of scotch.
3 shots of Louis XIII for $305/shot.
7 bottles of Lafite Rothschild at $2700/each
4 bottles of Merus Cabernet at $1500/magnum
1 bottle of Harlan Cabernet at $1445

If I'm the owner of the restaurant I'm thrilled that these idiots showed up at my restaurant.  If I'm one of the rookies, I just might miss one of my next blocks.

No surprise though - being an a-hole is the Packer way.

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