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Mark Blocker

Dear Brad “General Motors” Jansen:

I will not give you a bailout to rescue your bankrupt comparisons. The difference between the prospects that reside on my team and the ones you have been hyping liking a Lil Wayne CD are that mine have not experienced a season of utter dismality (its a Colbert word; look it up). Here are some examples. Joba Chamberlain has posted consecutive excellent years, including a 2.60 ERA/1.26 ratio supported by more than a strikeout per inning. David Price also posted stellar numbers in an admittedly abbreviated major league campaign: 1.93 ERA and 0.93 ratio with close to 1K per inning. And our very own roto pundit Jeff Winick has already extolled the virtues of the mature Brian Matusz. And you did not even mention Matt Wieters!

So drive yourself back to Riptorn Central and stop bothering me with your vacant statistcal comparisons and needless attempts to pump-and-dump your young players.

Not A Congressman,

Mark B.